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About us

Dovetail Properties (Pty) Ltd.

Dovetail Properties (Pty) Ltd is a development company that focuses on projects that uplift and empower impoverished communities. It achieves this by entering into sizable developments with the affected communities as equal shareholders in a structured joint venture, where the communities contribute the unencumbered land to the joint venture and Dovetail Properties is responsible for raising the development capital and providing the know how to execute these developments. Dovetail assists these communities to acquire the land for the developments – mostly State Land – through either the Restitution or State Land Disposal Processes, which then results in the land disposed to the Community Property Associations which represent these communities.

The actual upliftment of the communities is brought about by targeting the three logical areas which will ensure the best measure of success – these are: (a) generating considerable income and assets for the communities, (b) creating unprecedented numbers of job opportunities and finally, (c) providing the training and skills to maximize the opportunities and effectively maintaining the developments when completed.

Dovetail is currently engaged with an ever-increasing number of these developments and has evolved into a brand entity related to community upliftment. These developments are not only executed in the joint ventures with communities as above, but Dovetail has also been appointed by large mining companies and corporations to act as the development managers for those entities – executing their Social Labour Plans or Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.

Dovetail Foundation (NPC)

The Dovetail Foundation is a non-profit company, initiated and registered by the founder of the Dovetail Properties Group of companies, Philip Kleijnhans. The Dovetail Foundation’s main purpose is to spearhead the skills and education programmes in the community upliftment developments.

The foundation determines these needs accurately with extensive initial surveys in the affected communities (in Nkosi City’s instance a skills survey was conducted with 9600 respondents).

This leads to formulating more detailed education programmes with students being trained in the townships and also the closest cities to these developments.

Thetaplan (Pty) Ltd.

Thetaplan (Pty) Ltd. To achieve perfection in the art of architecture by means of clear communication, taken through from design to completed projects.

To combine outstanding aesthetics with practicality, to produce well designed projects, within contract periods and budgets, to comply with set quality standards – all to the satisfaction of our clients. To add value to clients and projects by expanding our service to do whatever is required in order for all projects to succeed.

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