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Dovetail Properties is an established property development company based in Gauteng with a strong purpose of advancing partnerships – hence its focus on developments that empower, uplift and educate under privileged communities.
At Thetaplan, the act of doing positive things because it’s a sound approach, is both a business and a personal philosophy.
Welcome to dovetail properties
This introductory page is the ideal place to explain how we came by our name and why it is symbolic of the way we work.

A dovetail is a type of joint used in carpentry, where two pieces of wood – one with a flared head and one with a flared cut – are joined at right angles to each other. Dovetail joints are known for their unique tensile strength. They are highly resistant to being torn apart.

Those with a discerning eye recognise dovetail joints as a sign of quality craftsmanship and lasting durability.

Not only does the name “Dovetail” have a strong and concise ring to it, but as a company that is all about partnership, we believe we possess similar qualities to this remarkable symbol of ‘coming together’.

Dovetail Properties is uniquely positioned in a dynamic and niche market, based on a unique business model for community upliftment…

As mentioned earlier, Dovetail Properties focuses on developments that uplift communities. In order to achieve this, one has to execute three sweeping actions:

Firstly, one has to generate considerable funds for the communities to execute their social programmes. In Dovetail’s instance, we achieve that by affording the community equal shares in our developments.

Secondly, one has to create job opportunities on a large scale. This brings about a cashflow horizon, dignity, education, health and welfare for households.

Lastly, one has to initiate education and skills programmes, focusing on the youth.

Nkosi City

Nkosi City is a major Integrated Human Settlement in Daantjie, Mpumalanga, developed in a joint venture between the Nkosi City Communal Property Association and Dovetail Properties, assisted by National Government, Mpumalanga Provincial Government and the City of Mbombela.

BHP Billiton
This project was developed for BHP Billiton by Dovetail Properties and the architects developed the clients brief into an easily understood, logical concept.

This consisted primarily of a curved communication and circulation spine with office “fingers” feeding off the spine.